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Birth Records

Need a birth certificate? Want a record of birth?

There is a difference between birth records (birth reports) and birth certificates. A birth record is a filing of birth reports which may include date, case, number, filings, parents, and addresses. It can be helpful to track down where a person was born and can help speed up the process of obtaining a birth certificate. In order to obtain a birth certificate you must know where were born. If you are unsure, Birth records (birth reports) can aid in this process.

A birth certificate is a government issued ID and is often required to enroll in schools, or obtain passports. You cannot purchase a birth certificate from an online birth records service. Although some states will allow you to order a copy of your birth certificate online and have it mailed to you most states require you require you to apply in person. Birth certificates are generally kept at the Department of Health or at local courthouses.
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